Discount Fabric True Timber XD3 Camouflage Twill CA10

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This high-resolution image-based pattern is blended together with natural brown open hardwoods, hints of green on overlapping branches, and a hazy gray background to combine for an incredible multi-dimensional depth of field. Bark, leaves, and limbs unify during the latter seasons of the year in a young oak and poplar forest to create this breathtakingly realistic pattern that fully deserves its name—Extreme Detail, Depth, and Deception. The light and dark contrast conceals human form in the late spring, fall, and early winter in almost any forest.

True Timber XD3

  • Camouflage (Browns, Greens, Tan and Black )
  • Cotton Twill
  • 62 inches wide
  • Bottom Weight
  • Not Sheer
  • Stable and will not stretch
  • sold by the whole yard, all multiple purchases of whole yards will be sent continuous in one piece
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